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July 2021 | Volume 60 | Number 7

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Test & Inspection



Test & Inspection Trends

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Quality Certification

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From the editor | darryl seland

Pent-Up Demand

Face of quality | Jim L. Smith

Quality Mindset

Other Dimensions | hill Cox

Hand Tool Calibration

Speaking of Quality | Jim Spichiger

Collaborating with Industry



Innovation is Changing the World of Handheld Gaging

Within the manufacturing innovation process, metrology has played a predominant role.


A Guide to Mechanical Testing of Paper and Plastic Packaging Materials

A simple tensile test can be used as a quality control measure to ensure the materials meet internal criteria, or for comparison purposes.


The Evolution of Quality Management Systems Software

From the CEO to the manufacturing floor, access to data empowers the organization to improve.


The Quality Profession since the Pandemic

While some concerns remain the same, manufacturers faced new challenges over the past year.


Quality Advertising Index

Mark-10 Corporation

Mark-10 Corporation

InnovMetric Software

InnovMetric Software

Starrett Company

Starrett Company, The L.S.

MicroRidge Systems

MicroRidge Systems

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Extra Online Content

Quality InfoCenter

Better Inspection Reporting Saves Time

Inspection reports that take less work can be a great way for an organization to save time and money. 

Quality InfoCenter

Pushing the Limits of Precision

As with many critical industries, aerospace requires accuracy on the shop floor.       

Quality InfoCenter

Dealing with Uncertainty

Be as prepared as possible.

Extra Online Content

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July 2021 | Volume 60 | Number 7

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