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March 2024  |  Volume 63  |  Number 3

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Test & Inspection


Vision & Sensors - A Special Section to Quality Magazine

Special Sections


Maximizing Precision: How to Care for and Integrate Your Handheld Gages

Quality control is crucial for meeting high product standards, and handheld gages are key to achieving such precision. But how exactly do these tools ensure accurate measurements?


Consider the Indicating Plug Gage

It uses the plug body, not the contacts, to center the gage.


The Accuracy Nexus: 3D Scanning in Additive Manufacturing for Custom Car Builds and Mesh Repair Solutions

Anyone can buy a 3D printer and set up a shop. But there are a few essential things to know — especially when it comes to mesh repair.


How modern software can transform the supply chain with manufacturing quality at the center

Enable a manufacturing quality driven collaboration between suppliers and buyers to eliminate interpretation, reduce costs, risks and expedited delivery time.


Measuring and Modeling Quality

The 2024 Quality Plant of the Year runs a world class operation.


Evolving Needle-Based Drug Delivery Products & Testing Methods

When testing the emerging wearable devices, manufacturers are now confronted with various new and unique challenges.


In the realm of metrology, where accuracy is paramount, the marriage of 3D scanning technology and additive manufacturing has ushered in a new era of possibilities. Source: FARO.

Additive Manufacturing

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Air Gaging

Leak Testing

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Color Measurement

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From the editor | Darryl Seland

If You Build It

Speaking of Quality  | Jim Spichiger

Foster a Sense of Belonging

Face of quality | Jim L. Smith

Manage Conflict More Effectively

Column | John Vandenbemden

What is ISO 17025: 2017

Fellow Traveler | Daniel Zrymiak

Out of the Box


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Extra Online Content


Quick Wins from The Quality Show

Eric Hayler offers some ideas for low-cost lean ideas to benefit your manufacturing processes.


How the Industrial Technology Program at MSU is Educating the Next Generation in Manufacturing

Learn how Mississippi State University strives to be a hands-on bachelor’s degree for students who want to enter any area of industry – and how your company can get involved. Lara Threet, program coordinator and instructor, industrial technology at MSU, explains how the program works, how she got involved in engineering, and the career she almost pursued instead.


Calibration Myths Busted

Heather Wade of the ASQ Measurement Division explains calibration myths and misnomers while at The Quality Show this year.


Get Up-to-date on ESG

QMS may just be “the invisible force that every organization needs to ensure a robust ESG framework and benchmarkable ESG disclosure,” says Indika Edussuriya, global technical manager, ESG & Sustainability Report Assurance, TÜV Rheinland Group.


Auditing Questions Answered at The Quality Show

John Vandenbemden of the ASQ Inspection Division offers his take on audits, inspections, and quality.


The Quality Plant of the Year Shares Insights at The Quality Show

Debra Dahlin is the second-generation owner and president of Reed Switch Developments Corp. (RSD). Under her leadership, RSD has grown steadily, despite a series of recessions, a global pandemic, and a major pivot from primarily standard parts into small-to-medium volume custom ones. Quality met with RSD at The Quality Show to learn what's new with the company.


The Quality Show South Preview: Process Maps—A Vital Tool for Lean

Quality sat down with Jim Spichiger, program manager, Amazon Custom Service, and immediate past chair of the ASQ Inspection Division, to discuss his upcoming Quality Show South presentation.


How to Get Started with Automation

Stefan Friedrich of New Scale Robotics explains why quality is often one of the later steps to automate. Adopting a robot or cobot can be intimidating but it doesn’t need to be. Here he describes what quality professionals need to know. Hint: it’s not programming.


The Soft Skills Quality Professionals Need to Succeed

Dan Zrymiak, an ASQ Fellow and recipient of ASQ’s Feigenbaum and Crosby Medals, has almost three decades of experience in international quality and risk management. Here he shares his expertise on culture, leadership and values.


The Changing World of NDT Training

Donald Booth of the American Institute of Nondestructive Testing now offers a range of NDT training options for others in the industry. Listen now to how training has changed over the years and how to get the most out of your classroom and on-the-job training.


Consider What Automation Can Do For You

While companies may think automation is too cost-prohibitive or complicated, Martin Buena-Franco, automation products manager at The Raymond Corporation, says that is not the case. Here he dispels these myths and others and explains how automation could benefit your manufacturing process.

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