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July 2023  |  Volume 62  |  Number 7

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Test & Inspection


Vision & Sensors - A Special Section to Quality Magazine

Special Sections


Revolutionizing Color Quality Control through Technology and Sustainability

Advancements in digital color measurement technologies and cloud-based software have transformed color quality control, enabling greater accuracy, efficiency, and sustainability, while automation and circular economy principles are driving further innovation in the industry.


EV Battery Manufacturing: Steps to Assure Joining Quality and Eliminate Harmful Leaks

The importance of reliability in EV batteries is paramount to the overall vehicle performance.


The Rise of Differential Pressure (DP) Decay Leak Testing in North America

What is DP and how are manufacturers using this test method to achieve better resolution and quicker cycle times?


Data Collection – AI is Here!

Artificial intelligence will change the complete environment of data collection, data analysis, and real-time action.


Tips for Implementing a Robust Wireless Measurement Data Collection System

The benefits of today’s wireless measurement systems include automation, ease of operation, streamlined scalability, and robust data encryption.


Welcome to the Quality Profession

Our State of the Profession Survey highlights the wins and woes of the quality world.


Careful implementation of optimal tools and techniques is a focus of Optikos Corp. (Wakefield, MA). Source: Optikos

Optikos Corp.

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From the editor | Darryl Seland

Technology or Sorcery?

Speaking of Quality  | Jim Spichiger

Developing Leadership Skills through ASQ Service

Standards 101  |  Roderick A. Munro

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The 2023 State of the Profession Survey

Roderick Munro, our first Quality Professional of the Year as well as an experienced auditor, offers his take on the State of the Profession results. Listen to what surprised him about the survey, trends in quality, and how the pandemic affected the quality field.


Solve Color Measurement Challenges

Greg Shrider, vice president, head of key accounts for BYK-Gardner USA, shares his insights from 36 years of experience in the field of color measurement, including how to address color challenges, common misconceptions, and today’s trends, including how the pandemic affected the color world.


Attack Your Fears and Improve Your Skills

Jared Curtis of PPI Quality & Engineering, our 2023 Quality Rookie of the Year, describes how he developed strong communication skills, offers advice for those who are new to quality, and suggests ways manufacturers can recruit new quality professionals.


Improve Your Organizational Culture Today

Grace Duffy and Dr. Hung Le describe how five minutes can help managers improve their culture, the ways company culture has changed, and offer advice on how quality professionals can benefit from alignment.


How to Adapt to the Times: Advice from our 2023 Plant of the Year

Debra Dahlin, CEO of Reed Switch Developments Corp., our 2023 Quality Plant of the Year, has lead the company through a series of challenges and changing business conditions. She offers some advice for other manufacturers on how to adapt to industry trends, whether it is through Lean, new marketing initiatives, or employee suggestions.


What You Need to Know About Universal Testing

Moses Da Rocha, product and applications manager, PPT Group, explains the trends in universal testing.


How to Challenge Yourself, Mentor Successfully and Win Over Skeptics

Saso Krstovski, our 2023 Quality Professional of the Year, offers advice from his long career in manufacturing at Ford.

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July 2023  |  Volume 62  |  Number 7

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