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February 2021 |

Table of Contents

From the Editor | Darryl Seland

The Wave

Face of Quality | Jim L. Smith


Other Dimensions | hill Cox

The High Cost of Zero

Speaking of Quality | Jim Spichiger

ASQ’s Influence

Guest Column | Ian R. Lazarus

“Paper or Plastic?”


Remote Visual Inspection
First Article Inspection
Eddy Current
XRF Analyzers

In the Next Issue

Industry News

The Latest Breaking News

Quality 101

Calipers 102




Computed Tomography for NDT

CT is a nondestructive testing method that, as of this year, will have been around for 50 years.


Selecting and Using a
Force Measurement Device

Everything you need to know.


The Advantages of
Phased Array Technology

When evaluating welded tubes.

Training the Next-Generation of NDT Inspectors in FMC/TFM

Lavender International and Olympus will help ensure that the next generation of inspectors are equipped with the latest technology and knowledge to become experts in full matrix capture (FMC) and total focusing method (TFM) techniques.


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February 2021 | Volume 60 | Number 2

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